WIP Pathfinder Test Models


The source lighting is the lighting from his “binoculars”. Choosing to do my second OSL on a mini’s face was probably a questionable choice, but oh well. I feel pretty good about how it came out, although I am not compelled to go and look at it repeatedly like I am when something goes really well.

The technique was as follows:

•paint the face, complete with highlights

•mix the mid-tone of the face, in this case the new version of GW Dawnstone and a bit of GW Warpstone Glow. This is where I erred, as I did not do the first coat grey enough to make the light look dispersed over the part of the face near it. I made it too green which kind of kills the effect. All of this is thinned with Lahmian Medium.

•add more and more Warpstone and eventually Moot Green until you get to the top highlights that are the closest to the light source. In this case, the right upper eye brow, the edge of the “nose” and his lower lip, slightly off center.

•I then glazed it with Waywatcher as it was looking a bit chalky, despite serious thinning.

In retrospect, less is more out of the gate. My first coat, as I mentioned, was too green. The first coat, the spots farthest from the light, should have almost none of the “light color” apparent. Live and learn.

Here are two more pics:

OSL second attempt.


OSL Pic 3

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