Painting Deathwing

Completed Deathwing.
Completed Deathwing.

1. Spray Dheneb Stone (Rakarth)over a white undercoat.

2. Spray or hand paint a 50/50 mix of Dheneb stone and Snakebite (not sure what the new version of this is called)

3. This is where things get annoying. Using Army Painter Soft Tone (like Gryphone Sepia) paint in the wash in all of the places between the panels. I thin the wash with Vallejo Paint Thinner, so that it wants to fill the recesses. It does not work completely as you will still get some staining on the armor.

4. Using the mix from number 2, “cut” the armor back in, leaving the recesses the brown from the wash. You will inevitably mess up. The fix is to just paint the wash back onto the spot where the armor color got into the recess.

"Cut in" the areas where the shadows would be. Then clean it up with the base color.
“Cut in” the areas where the shadows would be. Then clean it up with the base color.

5. Use Dheneb stone and Snakebite at a 80/20 mix to create the first highlight.

6. Use Ubshanti Bone to line highlight all the places where light would hit.

7. Use Screaming Skull to create the final highlight. Limit this to the places where the light’s reflection would be the strongest. The spots in where armor edges face up, and all the edges on the face.

Final highlights. Use Screaming Skull only on edges facing up.
Final highlights. Use Screaming Skull only on edges facing up.

8. Paint the eyes Mephiston Red. Paint along the bottom edge of the eye in Blood Red, followed by a skinnier highlight of Blazing Orange. Use Yuriel Yellow to paint as skinny a line as you are capable of along the bottom edge. Then use Crimson Wash to darken the peak of his eye. Let that dry then use White to put a dot up in the corner of the peak. You can see this on the assault cannon model.

9. The red is a base of Mephiston, washed with Carrouberg Crimson. Once dry, highlight with Blood Red and then Evil Sunz Scarlett. Blazing Orange is next, followed by Firedragon Bright on the spots where the light would be reflected the sharpest.

Close up of the red areas.
Close up of the red areas.

10. White areas are Astronomicon Grey, washed with a watered down Codex Grey. Re-coat with Astronomicon (stay out of the recesses) and then highlight with Ulthaun Grey. Skull White on the topmost edges is last.

11. The chest eagles are Caliban Green, 50/50 Caliban and Snot Green, Snot Green, Moot Green, then Moot and Ulthaun Grey for the final highlight.

Chest eagle and rope close up.
Chest eagle and rope close up.


I think that covers the progression. They are a bit of a pain to paint, but really worth it in the end, as the bone contrasts with the green power armor really well.

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  1. 22averyd

    Wow! You have done a great job painting Deathwing. Boy is he really creepy. I liked how you made him have a good eagle-like feature. I really can’t imagine how much you put in to your time.

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