Miniature Basics

This is not the most user friendly hobby without a basic understanding of some core information.

Miniatures (minis, models):

The minis are manufactured in three different ways.

1.Plastic- this is the material used in 80% (maybe higher) of the models available. These kits are molded onto a sprue and will need trimmed off in order to assemble them.

2. Resin- a material that Games Workshop began using about a year ago. Usually used in single miniature kits, this material requires a lot of preparation to clean mold lines and the extra resin. Clippers are a must here as well.

The resin may also be bent which requires submerging it in warm/hot water to bend back into place…gently!

3. Metal- this material used to be the mainstay of the hobby 15 years ago. New technology in plastic molding has lead to this type becoming almost obsolete. It is easiest to work with and requires the least amount of preparation. The primary downside is that when knocked over or dropped, the paint chips off very easily.

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