Dark Angels

Below are some pictures of my Dark Angels army. As the first models that I ever purchased are included in this set, I have an affinity for this army over all the others.


Master of the Ravenwing Landspeeder
Front view.

Dark Vengeance Captain


Dark Angels Captain
Dark Angels Librarian
Members of the Command Squad
Captain. Games Day model from many years ago.




















Captain from the back.





















Converted Chaplain in terminator armor.
DA Interrogator Chaplain with jump pack.



Deathwing Terminators.
Deathwing Terminators.
Forge World shoulder pads on Deathwing.
3/5 of 2nd Squad
3/5 of 2nd Squad
Dread #1. Metal beast from way back. Paint job has been updated.
Dread #2
Dread #2 from the side. Some “green stuff” Purity Seals.


2X Tactical Sgts.
Tactical Squad #1
Tactical Squad #2

Fast Attack:

Ravenwing Bike Squad
Ravenwing Landspeeder
Speeder from the left.


Assault Squad
Assault Squad
Assault Marine Sgt. with thunderhammer.
Assault Marine Sgt. with thunderhammer.





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