A Summer of Painting 2021

I usually spend quite a bit of time at my painting desk during the summer, and this summer was no exception. With the release of a new edition of fantasy game Age of Sigmar, I had more than enough motivation to update and finish some older models and think about new ones that I wanted to add to various armies.

Many of these updates happened for the Stormcast Eternals, the heroes of the realms that fight to preserve humanity and its place. Their gold armor is pretty striking on the table and is also enjoyable to paint.

First up is a finished unit of Prosecutors. These guys use their magical infused wings to harass enemy units with their javelins. I loved painting this unit, as the full six together look really great on the battlefield.

Up next was finishing my largest ever project. This beast came in at over 120 hours of paint time, but I am super happy with the final result. I finally got the motivation to finish it late this summer, he having sat 80% done for almost two years. With a final push, I got the wings painted and he was ready for the table.

Finally were some objective markers for the new game. These were a blast to paint and gave me a chance to try some new techniques and painting recipes. I am most happy with the small statue inside the shrine as you can see in the final picture.

Last up are two players from a completely different game called Blood Bowl. It is football that takes place in a fantasy setting. This team of rats (called Skaven) are two more players to add to their roster. I still have a few more to paint for a complete team so watch this space.

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